June 2nd, 2012


Hi everybody,

I'm really upset to do this, but I need to part with both of my Ryoko (DIE ANOTHER DAY/007) metal charms of both Seven Year's War Prussia and Catmaid Germany to get some funds. They're both brand new and sealed in their original packaging. They're $18 shipped each (shipping included if you're in the USA). International is an additional $2 for shipping. I accept Paypal as payment. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Thank you! > 3 < <3


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SOLD! THANK YOU! > v < <3

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[Ad] HetaChallenge: A Hetalia Fanworks Challenge Community

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HetaChallenge now welcomes artists! Fanartists may now participate in both the drabble/doodle challenge and the table challenge!

This community is a fanwork challenge community specifically for Hetalia writers/artists. You don't have to be an expert you just have to want to share your skills! We already have some folks sharing their fanfiction/fanart on there, come and share your's too!

There are opportunities to do prompt tables and participate in a drabble/doodle challenge where the prompt will change every month! If you complete a challenge you can earn a shiny banner for your profile!

The drabble challenge prompt for June is Pretend.

Come and write/draw with us! We'd be happy to see you there!

We will also be doing various other challenges over the summer, and we hope to see you there!
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[Selling] Doujinshi and Translations, marked down prices!

I find myself in desperate need of cash so I'm selling a bunch of my doujinshi. I've got some Hetalia, Gyakuten Saiban/ Ace Attorney, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Harry Potter, and One Piece.

I accept Paypal only and will be shipping from the US. I am willing to ship internationally. Just tell me how many doujinshi you're interested in and your country and I'll give you a shipping quote. Orders will be shipped when I receive payment. You can view my seller's feedback here. Sample scans are available upon request.

Now offering translations! For an extra charge, I can translate the doujinshi for you (ones that you're buying from me or from scans that you provide. Hetalia only, please). The price of the translation will vary based on the length of the doujinshi and whether there is a novel portion (I may have to decline requests on doujinshi with novel portions that are longer than 5 pages if there are a lot of translation requests. To avoid this, you could request only the comic portions be translated). Please note that since I need time to translate, it will take longer to receive your order. Translation prices will start at $4 for doujinshi up to 25 pages with no novel portion, and $5.50 for doujinshi up to 35 pages with no novel portion. Please ask me about prices for lengthier doujinshi. Please note that if the doujinshi you want me to translate contains explicit content, I will need to see the scans before I agree to take on the project. I don't want to do any dub-con or non-con, and those can be hard to identify sometimes without knowing some Japanese.

To my journal for more details and images!

[Fanfic] Sans Frontières

Title: Sans Frontières
Author: gramarye1971
Characters: America, Switzerland
Rating: 12/PG
Summary: The motto of the International Committee of the Red Cross is Inter Arma Caritas (Amidst War, Charity). Unfortunately for America, this does not necessarily mean that International Committee of the Red Cross must personally be a beacon of sweetness and light to idiots who insist on throwing themselves into the crossfire.
Notes: As appropriate for a Great War setting, this fic contains descriptions of combat violence and medical treatment of casualties. All historical and other notes are at the end. (Also available at AO3.)

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