June 8th, 2012


[Fic] Different

Title: Different
Author: starrdust411
Rating: PG
Pairings: one sided PruCan, mildly implied FrUK
Warning: Gender Bending, Implied Slash
Summary: Canada has a hard time adjusting to a recent change in his life. (De-anon from the hetalia_kink meme.)

( Canada liked himself just fine, despite how unremarkable others might find him, and he could not comprehend why someone would ask him to change. )
*hiding forever*

Urgent Sales, and Group Auction Reminder

My grail just got away from me-- Then appeared for $110. D:
Despite the cost, I have to try for it. So a little bit of spare money would totally help.

So, please click here or on the banner below, to visit my sales!

My Animate Cafe coasters group auction is still going!
Everyone who's been wanting one of their own should check it out immediately~
We weren't able to raise enough to even bid on, let alone win the first auction, but by some miracle a second one popped up for a little bit less! Come fight it out, and get your favourite character! Most have no bids, and all those that do are still far below their current value!
PoT - Yuuji ♥

Selling some Hetalia items!

I am trying to get rid of a bunch of things from my Hetalia collection, so I would love for you to take a peek! I have prices listed, but I am completely willing to haggle because I want to get rid of it. Please take a look!

Some of the things listed are:
North Italy Movic plushie
Aoshima Chara Mofu North Italy plushie
Romania wig
Keychains (official and fanmade)
And more!

Here is a link to my selling post at my journal.


Ad: UEFA EURO 2012 Viewing Post

Some maybe didn't notice, some simply forgot due the long pause, but the UEFA Euro 2012 is currently held in Poland and Ukraine.
Since the FIFA World Cup was nothing but a huge party at hetalia_sports , I decided to follow that example and opened up a viewing post over for the UEFA play-offs.

If you love international football or hust want to derp around with fellow hetalians about the games, join the party over here: