June 11th, 2012

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[Fic] Pre-Dinner Crises

Title: Pre-Dinner Crises
Author: cutthroatpixie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romano/Spain/Fem!Spain, Belgium, OC parents
Rating: PG
Warnings: None really.
Summary: Antonio's mother is coming to visit this weekend. Part of the Six in One-verse.
Notes: Antonio's mother=Gabriela, Antonio's step-mother/Edmée's mother=Adel, and Edmée is Belgium in case anyone forgot

[QUESTION] In need of some info.

Halo minna-san! My sister wanted some message alert tones, etc...and she's a huge America fan. I would like to make some alert tone from his laugh or any line worth noting (funny, adorable etc that would make a good alert tone).

Can anybody give/point to a suitable episode? I'm browsing through my collection, but I can't decide on which one to use...  Someone uploaded some mp3 files for these purposes before, sad to say, that person's files were uploaded at Megaupload (RIP). 

I could take some requests but I don't really work fast and I'm not really good with audio/video editing. :D 

Thank you and hoping for some answers. ^_^

[fanfic] Call of the Moon (1/?)

Title: Call of the Moon 1/?
Characters/Pairings: Germany(Werewolf!Germany), Italy, cameo of Japan, GerIta in later chapters
Rating: T to be safe, for some violence and yaoi in later chapters
Summary: Feliciano, Kiku, and Ludwig went on a camping trip together in a forest. But something happened… They were attacked… And Ludwig has not been the same since.


[Selling] Rubber Straps

Hi everybody,

I have a Spain & Prussia rubber straps I'm selling. They're both brand new and never taken out of their plastic. They will not come with their boxes. Shipping is included within the price if you're located in the USA. International will be an additional $1.50 I accept Paypal as payment. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Thank you~!

FEEDBACK http://iheartken-chan.livejournal.com/610.html

- Prussia $18
- Spain $15

SOLD! THANK YOU! > v < <3