June 14th, 2012

Unofficial Hetalia Merch! (shirts/hoodies and stickers)

I'm currently working on Ship Shirts and Character Shirts, as well as miscellaneous designs. But all having to do with Hetalia.

Examples of each of those are below:

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GerIta tee

Vodka tee

Canada tee

So far for the Ship Shirts, I have GerIta, FrUK, Spamano, LietPol, Giripan, RusBel, SuFin, DenNor, and PruAus.
And for the character shirts, I have Russia, Italy (PASTAAA!), China (PANDAAA!), Greece (I have cat ears, I am a cat), and Germany (Five Cats for Five Deutschmarks at Arby's!).
Miscellaneous designs will come as I think of them.

Because it would be tedious to post links to each individual design, here's a link to my Redbubble Profile: http://www.redbubble.com/people/sevloveslily

(So if you also like BBC's Sherlock, there's some Sherlock shirt designs in there too.)
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[USUK Fanfiction] Fifty Roses - Prologue

Title: Fifty Roses - Prologue
Rating: T+
Warnings: None in this chapter. Injuries in the future, but no deaths.
Word Count: 3071
Summary: Once upon a time, Alfred and Arthur were two college students that fell in love. Like many couples, they moved in together, got married, decided to start a family. Like many more, the relationship wasn't meant to last.

Or maybe it was.

Sometimes, you're just meant to be together.

[RP Ad] Shake it Out - {APH MSN RPG}

Welcome to Shake it Out!

We are a casual MSN roleplay group for the many worlds of Hetalia.
Whether you're an old fan who misses the good, simple days of
roleplaying the fandom, or a new fan just starting out, all are welcome
here! Want to play Gakuen? Go for it. Fantasia? Absolutely. A Harry Potter
crossover? Sure. Even good old standard canon is encouraged. So go ahead,
join our family. You know you want to.

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