June 15th, 2012

Hetalia 10: Sparkling England

[News] Animate Lottery's back

I'm sure many of you still remember past Hetalia Animate Lotteries (for those who don't know what I'm talking about, this may enlighten you a bit). Well, I have some news here...news that may be not that good for avid collectors :P

Starting from July 26th, Animate's bringing once more an Hetalia version of their lottery. That means, plenty of rare, new goods! Get ready for some crazy auction bidding action, once again xD

Details in the official website. Pictures under the cut.

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[fanfic] Call of the Moon 3/?

Title: Call of the Moon 3/?
Characters/Pairings: Germany(Werewolf!Germany), Italy, possible Ger/Ita, and the awesome cameo
Rating: T, for some violence and possible yaoi
Summary: Feliciano, Kiku, and Ludwig went on a camping trip together in a forest. But something happened… They were attacked… And Ludwig has not been the same since.
I Heart Me

[Fanfic] - "Apples" and "Friggin Tard"

Title: "Apples to Apples", and sequel "Oh Happy Apple, This is Thy Sheath"
Rating: Teen
Warnings: lusty thoughts about apples, non-existent plot
Characters or Pairings: Prussia/Germany
Word count: appx 1,200 each
Summary: The day was going exactly according to schedule until Gilbert starting eating that apple. Human names.

Originally written for the kink meme.

He'd originally come into the living room to get some work done in a less stuffy atmosphere than his study.

Title: If You're Not a Friggin Tard You Will Prevail (fusion with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
Rating: PG
Warnings: fusion, crack
Characters or Pairings: America (also: England, Canada, France, Germany)
Word count: 620
Summary: It's world meeting time and America is determined to show the other nations that everyone's a hero in their own (not that heroic) way.

Originally written for the kink meme.

This speaking from the heart thing was pretty sweet.
SuFin Kitties

[Fanfic] For Your Ears Only and Close Your Eyes, Make a Wish (Ch. 7), SuFin

Title: For Your Ears Only
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): SwecatxFincat, a little human!SwedenxFinland
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Nekotalia!AU. Fincat's embarrassment over accidentally letting Swecat see him acting like a kitten prompts Swecat to reveal his own vulnerability to him in hopes of making progress in their relationship.

This one's been up for a while, but I forgot to post it on this comm, so here you go.
Title: Close Your Eyes, Make a Wish
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): SwedenxFinland, a little SealandxLiechtenstein, USUK, and DenmarkxNorway in the background
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some strong language, suggestive situations, and a little excessive drinking
Summary: Magic!AU. When Finland finds himself lost and at death's door in a violent blizzard, he happens to stumble, quite literally, over something that could change his life forever: a genie's lamp.