June 22nd, 2012

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Wrap Hetalia Around Your World Contest(By FUNimation)

A Hetalia-related contest
from FUNimation

From the FUNimation website

    Post a Hetalia bandana related picture to Pinterest orTumblr and you could win a prize! You can upload real life pics of you wearing these bandanas, fan art with drawn bandanas on them, or whatever else you can get creative with....

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Searching for fanfiction + Grandpa Rome's Character Song

Hi :) 

First, I'm looking for a fanfiction author. Her username is LePetitPapillon. She wrote amazing fics for FrUKUS (Temptation) and LietPol (Field Poppies, No Love too Great). I know she wrote several others but I never read them ^^". They were posted on fanfiction.net. At the moment, her profile is empty and the stories are gone. If anyone knows what happened to her, please tell~ :D (I hope I'm not infringing on anyone's privacy here...)

Second, does anyone know if the full version of Grandpa Rome's character song is out yet? I know it's supposed to be, but for a while, I was disconnected from LJ which was when the song was supposed to come out and I haven't seen it anywhere. 
I Heart Me

[Fanfic] - The Perils of Bird-Sitting, and Other Absurdities

Title: The Perils of Bird-Sitting, and Other Absurdities
Rating: PG
Characters: Germany, Gilbird (and a bit of Italy)
Warnings: none
Word count: 2,915
Summary: They'd never gotten along. But when Gilbird goes missing while Prussia's away, Germany starts to worry.

Written for hc_bingo for the square: Loss of limb/limb function (I went the 'limb function' route. And by limb, I mean wing)

The glass was from his last bottle and he was now left with nothing, save for thoughts of avian homicide...