June 28th, 2012

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Title: A Perfect Line 
Pairing: FrUK, USUK
Summary: Arthur lives in fear of his own mind, and Francis seems only too fine with having him incapacitated. When Alfred offers the light at the end of the tunnel, Arthur gets running before his feet hit the ground. Unfortunately, he sets the bar a bit high.

"He stands uselessly at the last exit and his one desire when the door bangs open in the wind and footsteps sound off behind him."

Howl's Moving Castle

[Fanfiction] The Prince's Other Half [Ch. 15/?]

Title: The Prince's Other Half
Characters/Pairings: USUK, France, Canada, Seborga/Monaco
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: T
Warnings: AU
Summary: Prince Alfred, with the help of his companion Arthur, has a month to bring home a bride so he can become king.  Will he succeed, or will the crazy monarchs he meets on his journey thwart his quest for the throne?

Ch. 1 - Once Upon a Time
Ch. 15 - Finish Line