July 12th, 2012

  • kecen

Did you have any idea of what nations would be like as people before Hetalia?

I know that outside Hetalia, there are countries which are referred to as being lovers or odd couples - I've seen this for England and France, China and America (I recall they had a news article in a major American magazine where Uncle Sam and Chairman Mao were sharing a bed).

Selina told me her history teacher referred to Japan and China as an old couple.

If you'd never joined Hetalia fandom, what would your image of countries be like? Would your America still be like Alfred? Your Russia like Ivan?

Since I was born in a country which traditionally didn't have a human personification I don't have anything :S
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  • psanon

[Group Order] Animate's Hetalia Cookie Tin

I've given in and decided I really want the Animate Hetalia Cookies Tin (+ Cookies, earl grey cookies sound delicious).
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