July 14th, 2012

the weight of a nation

Why is USUK considered incest?

Hi! I have a question: Lately I've been wondering/needing people's opinions to why some people consider USUK incest when they ship Spamano or NiChu or SwissLiech. Or why they consider it incest at all, because finding someone on a random road is not incest from how I look at it. This might be a bit touchy, since I know some people do not like this(these) pairing(s) at all. Oh, and I'd like to know why, not pairing bashing please! :) ...and this has turned into a mini discussion of some sort. o.O

[Fanfic] Ten Million Fireflies (Spain x Romano)

Title: Ten Million Fireflies
Author: _killmeshining_
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain, Romano, Spain/Romano
Rating: T
Warnings: A bit of foul language thrown around
Summary: Spain takes a reincarnated Romano to one of his favorite places. Loosely based on the song Fireflies by Owl City, but not a songfic in any way.

{The Iberian nation watched as Lovino's expression turned from unhappiness to childish amazement as slowly, little yellow flashes of light began to fill the air, building up into something countless around them}

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Beautiful doujinshi by Naka

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