July 16th, 2012

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Hey everyone.
I have 3 giant bills due next week. "orz Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I will also find more things to add in the meantime.
All previous purchases are packed and ready to ship. Thank you! ♥

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Towards German Unity (Part 7)

Title: Towards German Unity
Author: jemsquash

Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Genderbends, history references
Chapter Summary: The wall is down but nothing is certain. Once more, Europe flinches at the idea of one Germany. Older and wiser, has history taught the two halves anything?
Last chapter

( Just as the mediator was about to speak again, the door opened and Lady Germany appeared. The two East Germans looked at her as well, one realizing what she was and elbowing the other, who was giving her a very patriotic once over. )

Howl's Moving Castle

[Fanfiction] The Prince's Other Half [Ch. 16/16]

Title: The Prince's Other Half
Characters/Pairings: USUK, France, Canada, Ukraine, with brief mentions of other countries
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: T
Warnings: AU
Summary: Prince Alfred, with the help of his companion Arthur, has a month to bring home a bride so he can become king.  Will he succeed, or will the crazy monarchs he meets on his journey thwart his quest for the throne?

Ch. 1 - Once Upon a Time
Ch. 16 - The Story's End