August 19th, 2012

[Fic]: The Art of Being Young and Beautiful 9/9

Title: The Art of Being Young and Beautiful
Author: asiaisaru
Main Pairings: PruHun and USUK (there are EQUAL AMOUNTS OF BOTH)
Side Pairings: Spamano, SwissAus, SLIGHT TIDBIT of NedBel
Rating: T for sexual innuendos/elements, minor illegal actions, and lots of alcohol
Genre: Modern-day real world AU, drama, romance, slice of life. 
Summary: London, UK. City lights, motion blur, voices and footsteps. The city was an entity. It was alive. And for the young people of London, never more so alive than in a late-night restaurant the Hub. This restaurant was stocked not only with delicious food and an endless array of alcohol, but also..."exotic" staff from all over the world. But these waiters and waitresses and cooks were unique. Each one was either gifted or rich or beautiful, or all three at once. So this is the story of them. A group of ambitious young people brought together by a single restaurant. The colourful tale of how they fight their battles, keep their secrets, and fall in love. 
About the format: The story is written in a very particular format. There are two main storylines, one being PruHun and the other being USUK. Yes, you have to read both storylines to get the entire story. Chapter one starts with PruHun, chapter two goes on to tell USUK, and the chapters alternate UNTIL the storyline clashes together. The side pairings are incorporated in the two storylines. 

Link to Chapter One:
Link to the last chapter:
King of Spades

[Fic] Turnabout Hero

Title: Turnabout Hero - Day 0: First Contact
Characters (for this part): Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Canada
Rating/Warnings: PG, murder. Crossover with the Ace Attorney series.
Summary: When Alfred F. Jones is accused and tried for murder, Phoenix Wright is brought in to defend him. Solving a murder with this strange bunch will not be easy, and with secrets around every corner and the entire country against him, can Phoenix prove him innocent?
A/N: This is a deanon from the kink meme. I'm trying to see if I can actually insert music into the story too, so ctrl + click opens links in a new tab, is the best way I've come up with. If you have other ways for me to do that, please let me know.

 "You, you’re…you’re related to that creep?!”
SuFin Kitties

[Selling] Doujinshi

So I'm back in Japan and as there wasn't room in my luggage for all my old doujinshi, it had to be left behind. That means I'm gathering a brand new stock! There's more to come (eventually) but for now, I have the following pairings:
  • PrussiaxHungary (3)
  • DenmarkxNorway (2)
  • Hong KongxIceland (1)
  • PrussiaxAustria (1)
  • AustriaxSwitzerland (1)
  • NetherlandsXBelgium (1)

I accept Paypal only and will be shipping from Japan. I am willing to ship internationally. Just tell me how many doujinshi you're interested in and your country and I'll give you a shipping quote. Orders will be shipped when I receive payment. You can view my seller's feedback here. Sample scans are available upon request.

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