August 30th, 2012

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Season Five Title?

Source here, it looks like the new series' name will be...
"Hetalia The Beautiful World"!

It's also scheduled for 2013. Which. Was kind of obvious already.

I suck at Japanese though, so if anybody who's better at this stuff wants to check out the page and confirm this, that'd be awesome!

There's also some talk about the newest Hetalia chapter~
World Twinkle

Funimation Getting Hetalia Season 5?

Maybe it's just me being a huge fan of the English Dubbing that got me into this fandom, but I am curious. Nobody knew Hetalia would get a season 5 up until this recent summer. With Himaruya back for our events, RightStuf bringing back Hetalia manga, the new title for Season 5 is announced, I wonder if it can be brought over here like before.

Funimation got the license to both Axis Powers and World Series seasons as well as the movie. I loved them all and how well Funi did a great and awesome job at this! Though rated M and much major changes that really stray away from the original Japanese dubbing, fans around still acknowledge it as part of Hetalia!

If Hetalia: The Beautiful World does air soon in 2013, would Funimation get their hands on it? I heard about sales dropping for both Hetalia and Sgt. Frog, so there might not be a good chance to bring it over to America. But I want to support this series and the company for what it has done! Buy the DVDs! It gives them support for the good job they have done! You aren't forced watch the English Dub since you can always switch the settings to Japanese Dub and watch the English Sub, but it helps a lot if you do support the original release!

What do you guys think? Will there be any chance for Hetalia Season 5 to be brought in other countries like America? Can Funimation pick it up again for another good round?

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Toranoana/K-books Group Order + selling 100+ Doujinshi & goods

Hi! Just wanted to let you all know that the second group order is almost closing(payment deadline is Saturday!) so get those last minute orders in! Again here are some of the details:
Other series that are not Hetalia are also welcome as long as they are sold at those stores.

Payment 1(Books + Commission fee):

Cost of doujinshi

200 yen per book between 1-20 pages - *if you order more than 10 books commission will drop to a flat 175 yen per book
250 yen per book between 21-100 pages
350 yen per book between 101-200 pages
450 yen per book between 201-300 pages
650 yen per book between 301-400 pages
401+ pages order by order case

+10 yen per book if ordering from Toranoana(see post for details)

Paypal fee which will be by order

More details are HERE!

I'm also selling more doujinshi and reducing the prices on the majority of what I still had left, so come take a look if interested! Lots of chances for freebies! Added 3 new ones as well!

Pairings Include: USUK/US, FrancexUK, AmericaxJapan, WorldxJapan, FrancexAmerica, etc.

Doujins and stuff HERE @ alex_sales