September 5th, 2012


[fanfic] Zombie Apocalypse AU Starring Fem!USA- Chapter 9

Title: Zombie Apocalypse AU Starring Fem!USA- Chapter 9
Genre: Humor
Characters/Pairings: No pairings. Fem!USA(Amelia), France(Francis), Fem!China (Chun-Yan), U.K. (Arthur), Feliks(Poland), Toris(Lithuania), Eduard(Estonia), Anya(fem!Russia)
Rating: K+
Warnings: Zombie Apocalypse AU
Summary: The group of survivors has now doubled! Great news for Chun-Yan!

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 & 4, Chapter 5 & 6, Chapter 7 & 8

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Howl's Moving Castle

[Fanfiction] Do You Believe in Magic? [Ch. 2/?]

Title: Do You Believe in Magic?
Genre: Romance/Humor/Fantasy
Characters/Pairings: USUK, various cameos
Rating: K+
Warnings: AU
Summary: Arthur Kirkland has been obsessed with magicians all of his life, but he's never met one quite like Alfred the Amazing.  After befriending the young magician, Arthur finds himself entangled in a world of magicial rivalries and intrigue.  As he and Alfred grow even closer, Arthur begins to suspect there's a reason Alfred's magic seems so real...

Ch. 1 - Clean
Ch. 2 - Force

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