September 24th, 2012

*hugs sunflowers*

[News] Fantasia Update

After a quick unrelated search for Hetalia DVDs in general on YJ...

It looks like the Fantasia Episode I mentioned over here is already available!

\o/ So~ Let the hunt begin for a ripped copy~
... Though with over a month delay so far in anyone ripping the Akuyuu song of all things, I'm honestly not that hopeful.

[Ad] Nordic Jul Fest: Upcoming Sign-ups

Nordic Jul Fest
October-December, 2012
→ Timeline | Rules | Questions ←

The Nordic Jul Fest will be a Nordic-centric fanfic/fanart exchange with signs up starting 1st October and posting in December. This will be a chance to make sure all the Nordic fans get something special for the holiday season, so why not hop on over and check it out? The rules and timeline are up and the questions post is just waiting for any unanswered questions you may have. Feel free to join the community nordicjulfest, sign up will go up next Sunday.