September 26th, 2012


Hi everybody,

I'm currently one doujinshi which is in excellent condition! Shipping is already included in the price if you're located in the USA. I do charge Paypal fees or you may send it as a gift/payment owed, which ever you're more comfortable with. International shipping will be an additional $6. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you! :D



世界の縁にたつ都市をさまようモノ by METALIZE (Prussia/Germany; B5/44 Pages; R18) $14 Shipped Within the USA

[FIC] Bluegrass Ambassadors

Title: Bluegrass Ambassadors
Author: gramarye1971
Rating: U
Warnings: None.
Summary: America has brought several unusual pieces of luggage to the latest G-20 meeting. Canada smells strongly of rosin. Germany isn't quite sure what to make of their odd behaviour, but a visit to their hotel rooms later that evening leads to an enjoyable (if unexpected) cultural exchange. (Also available at AO3.)
Notes: Many thanks go to CaracalGirl for editorial suggestions and general encouragement in seeing this fic to its conclusion. All story notes are at the end.

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Chibi - *hugs water pipe*

[News] Digital Single Downloads

Now that the CD's official release date has passed, the new tracks have popped up on!

They still have to be bought, obviously, but if anyone's got an account over there, now's our chance to get the files shared with the community~

(Just figuring this isn't worth locking since it's technically still a legal download? idk.)