October 7th, 2012

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[ Rp Ad ] Neo World Academy W

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Neo World Academy is a High School AU based rp forum; the Hetalia cast, here being simply human,  attend the Neo World Academy. They live together in dorms shared by two people randomly put together. Classes are mandatory of course since it is High school; the teachers are around to ensure everyone follow the school's rules. The School is famous for welcoming people from all over the world, leading to the students discovering about other cultures.  

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Need helping finding a fic

Hi guys,

Hope you guys can help me out. I remember a fill years back on Hetalia Kink Meme that had the inverted FACE family situation: Alfred and Matthew were married and adopted kid!Francis and baby!Arthur. The fill wasn't completed and the story was really cute because it had Alfred as a recently unemployed father, coping with being a stay-at-home dad and taking care of bratty, yet cute Francis, and baby Arthur who hated being alone. I remember Matthew was a on a business trip and was gone for a week.

I tried looking for the story again but going through endless pages of reqs and fills made my mind boggle, and looking through Delicious didn't help either. I'm wondering if anyone has saved the link on their computer.

Thanks so much!

[fanfic] Thinking Of Me

Title: Thinking Of Me
Author: kahlanaisling
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romania/Hungary (primarily), Belgium in this chapter.
Rating: T
Warnings: Making out, but nothing truly horrible.
Summary:  From arch enemies to arch-enemies-with-benefits to friends-with-benefits and finally to an extremely dysfunctional relationship (with benefits), Romania and Hungary would much rather you ignored them and minded your own damn business.
A/N   Chapter one of. . . maybe seven?  Not sure.  Romantic comedy, sort of.  How do I titles.

( This is their third Groping In The Broom Closet session in a row and Hungary is beginning to think this is getting out of hand.  )