October 30th, 2012

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Hatafutte Best!

Expanding on this picture just recently revealed...
That "Best" down in the corner wasn't at all an outdated ad for Marukaite Best.

Animate has just revealed Regular and Limited editions of a new CD; Hatafutte Best, to be released January 30th!

Hetalia.com hasn't released any cover art just yet, but it's confirmed that Holland and Belgium will be the Limited edition-exclusive track, this time.

The new merchandise. It is starting!
Spork, Zelda Queen

Ill Met By Moonlight: Chapter 4

Title: Ill Met By Moonlight
Genre: Horror/Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: America/England, France, Canada, Prussia, Spain, Hong Kong
Rating: K+
Warnings: Swearing, violence, character deaths, Human AU
Summary: While vacationing in London, four friends become involved in a series of terrifying events, all centered around a monster that haunts the night, a strange English gentleman, and his intense affections for a certain American student in their company. Kink Meme de-anon. Human AU.

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spain and romano- besito

[Fic] Tomates y Amor-- Chapter 5: Listen With Your Heart

Title: Tomates y Amor-- Chapter 5: Listen With Your Heart
Author: cutthroatpixie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): (this chapter) Spain, Fem!Spain, Romano, Belgium, Veneziano, Germany. Overall fic will eventually be some form of Spain/Romano.
Rating: PG-13 for the fuck word
Warnings: Human names. Your mom.
Summary: Far, far away, beyond the borders of dreams and wishes, just past where fantasies live, there sat a quiet, peaceful little kingdom. In a not so far, far away land, closer to where dreams go to die, sat a very disgruntled Italian man. This is the story of how these two realities came to meet.
Note: It's been seven months oops. I don't even remember what happened before it's okay if none of you do either ;)
fem!USA + France by Iraya

[fanfic] Zombie Apocalypse AU Starring Fem!USA- Chapter 16, 17 & 18

Title: Zombie Apocalypse AU Starring Fem!USA- Chapter 16 & 17 & 18
Genre: Humor
Characters/Pairings: No pairings. Amelia(fem!USA), Francis(France), Chun-Yan(fem!China), Arthur(U.K.), Feliks(Poland), Toris(Lithuania), Eduard(Estonia), Anya(fem!Russia), Feliciano(N. Italy), Monika(fem!Germany), Kiku(Japan)
Rating: K+
Warnings: Zombie Apocalypse AU
Summary: The group learns about a town full of survivors and Kiku tells his tale of his short-lived experience as a lone samurai.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 & 4, Chapter 5 & 6, Chapter 7 & 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10 & 11, Chapter 12 & 13, Chapter 14 & 15

Also on tumblr.

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[fancomic] Fratricide

Title: Fratricide
Author/Artist: ryon
Character(s) or Pairing(s): North Italy, South Italy, Spain
Rating: PG...13??
Warnings: Uh...literally fratricide/character death. And hinted Romano->Spain but it's small.
Summary: UM I haven't posted here in a very very long time (years wow!) and I don't know what I'm thinking having my first official 'back into hetalia' post be something so...horrible and depressing. Also I'm aware South and North Italy would likely not be fully and culturally assimilated until many years in the future, so this comic takes place far in the distance.

I'm also really sorry if it upsets you.. ):

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