November 7th, 2012

Seiji [Chibisan Date]
  • fh14

Hetalia Wiki: Status Report

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, the Hetalia wiki has been down for the past couple of weeks, and I thought the rest of the fandom deserved an explanation.

Basically what happened is that the entire Wikkii network (which hosts the wikinet domain) went down. Not just Hetalia, but the Chibisan Date, One Piece, etc. wikis went down also. We have had downtime before but never for this long a period of time, and I fear it may be permanent (as have many of the operators of other wikis whom I have spoken with). Now, I wasn't going to take this lying down. I have been attempting to contact the company who owns Wikkii, Gunggo, for the past week but they have not returned any of my phone calls, emails, or facebook messages. Apparently the site had been sold to them back in May, and ever since then communication has gone quiet from the staff.

As someone whose poured hours (and often entire days) into maintaining this site, I was pissed. But luckily, after a longer outage at the end of September, I had the presence of mine to archive most of the information on the site onto a file that is now sitting on my Desktop. As we have been jumping from free host to free host with the worst luck ever, I'm actually looking into buying a domain name and getting our own server (likely the same ones that jammerlea uses to host the hetarchive).

So yeah, that’s pretty much it as of right now. Hopefully I’ll have something more concrete to share soon!