November 8th, 2012

APH: Coaster
  • psanon

[Want to Buy/Trade/Looking for information on Prussia goods]

Still looking for a few small want to buy items, so feel free to come talk to me about it if you're looking to sell/trade/thinking of it? I'm weeding out my collection so I have a lot of goods I can offer or can be convinced to trade away for these items ;u;''
(I have a small sales post here, but due to time constraint, it is largely un-updated with items I'll be weeding out u_u;; so if you're looking to trade, please just tell me what you're looking for! :)

Or if you have information on some of these items, please share them with me!

And if you have any hard to find/rare Prussia items you're looking to sell/trade and think I might not have, feel free to come talk to me about them also! 

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