November 18th, 2012

Observing - Chapter 3 [Hetalia:Axis Power Fanfiction]

Author: AsakuraHannah
Original Link : here

Fandom: Hetalia :Axis Power
Genre: Drama Romance AU
Rating: T
Pairing: (mainly) Hong Kong x Iceland, DenNor
(Names from wikia) : Denmark (Mikkel), Norway (Lukas), Iceland (Emil), Hong Kong (Xiao)
Summary: Realizing Lukas got his boyfriend, Emil got depressed. He was failed to notice someone who's been watching him from nearby when his mind was too preoccupied with Lukas.
Disclaimer: I don't own Axis Power Hetalia, but this fanfiction is mine and mine only! xD This is just an Alternate Universe fanfiction.. Anything related to the real life, person's name, and world history has nothing to do with this fanfiction… There are no affiliations to actual countries, military, and such. There is absolutely no intent to slander the reputations or rights of those above.


Chapter 3 : Worried

Xiao was staring at the silver hair boy who sat in front of him. He wasn't sure of what to ask Emil about the sleeping pills he was taking.

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