December 27th, 2012

fem!USA + France by Iraya

[fanfic] Zombie Apocalypse AU Starring Fem!USA- Chapter 26, 27 & 28

Title: Zombie Apocalypse AU Starring Fem!USA- Chapter 26, 27 & 28
Genre: Humor
Characters/Pairings: No pairings. Amelia(fem!USA), Francis(France), Chun-Yan(fem!China), Arthur(U.K.), Feliks(Poland), Toris(Lithuania), Eduard(Estonia), Anya(fem!Russia), Feliciano(N. Italy), Monika(fem!Germany), Kiku(Japan), Maddie(fem!Canada), Nikolai(male!Belarus)
Rating: K+
Warnings: Zombie Apocalypse AU
Summary: Toris tries to get Nikolai to stop being such a jerk, Anya is up to her socially awkward shenanigans, and Feliciano gives Monika a late-nite visit in nothing but his boxers.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 & 4, Chapter 5 & 6, Chapter 7 & 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10 & 11, Chapter 12 & 13, Chapter 14 & 15, Chapter 16, 17, & 18, Chapter 19, 20, & 21, Chapter 22 & 23, Chapter 19, 20, & 21, Chapter 24 & 25

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Observing - Chapter 4 [Hetalia:Axis Power Fanfiction]

Author: AsakuraHannah
Original Link : here

Fandom: Hetalia :Axis Power
Genre: Drama Romance AU
Rating: T
Pairing: (mainly) Hong Kong x Iceland, DenNor
(Names from wikia) : Denmark (Mikkel), Norway (Lukas), Iceland (Emil), Hong Kong (Xiao)
Summary: Realizing Lukas got his boyfriend, Emil got depressed. He was failed to notice someone who's been watching him from nearby when his mind was too preoccupied with Lukas.

A/N: Hello, sorry for not updating sooner. I need a beta reader badly ;w; Anyone want to volunteer?
Disclaimer: I don't own Axis Power Hetalia, but this fanfiction is mine and mine only! xD This is just an Alternate Universe fanfiction.. Anything related to the real life, person's name, and world history has nothing to do with this fanfiction… There are no affiliations to actual countries, military, and such. There is absolutely no intent to slander the reputations or rights of those above.


Chapter 4 : Step Brother


Emil didn't answer the phone as he lowered it, pressing the end of call button. His eyes were never leaving Lukas.

'I'm screwed'


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