January 15th, 2014

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Selling 100+ doujinshi + merch!

Hello all! It's been a while, but I'm back! With more doujinshi(hetalia mostly+2AttackonTitan+1KnB) of course and some merch as well, please take a look if interested!

Pairings Include: USUK, UK/US, USxJapan, SwedenxFinland, JapanxUS, ItalyxGermany, GermanyxItaly, IndiaxUK, SpainxRomano, PrussiaxRomano, etc.

PART 1 HERE @ alex_sales

My Wishlist is located HERE
My Feedback is located HERE

Gertalia: pinch hitters and beta readers!

Hello, people, I hope you all had good holidays! ♥

We are currently looking for pinch hitters and beta readers for the Gertalia Secret Santa!!!

If you are interested, here below the links with all the info:
- pinch hitters;
- beta readers.

You can apply for them even if you didn't take part to the event as a Santa! :D

Alternatively, if you don't feel like to sign up, but you would like to offer you help anyway, there are even the posts on tumblr if you want to spread the world:
- pinch hitters;
- beta readers.

Thanks and good luck to anyone! \o

(Illustration: official art. Colouring and editing: me)