January 27th, 2014


[Fanfic] Modernity

Title: Modernity
Author: onacrystal
Character(s): Germany, Bavaria, Austria, America, France, England, Hong Kong, China, Prussia, Saxony, Italy.
Pairing(s): Hint of PruAus, FrUK, Bavaria x Saxony, GerIta.
Rating: K
Warning: Use of human names, insults, profanity.
Summary: Series of short and silly fic / drabbles on on how nations deal with modern life. Main stages are in German speaking region, Western Europe, and Chinese speaking region. This update: Traffic, Modern Communication.
Note: Bavaria and Saxony are not OCs! Bavaria = Theodoric, Saxony = Adalbert. Names are mine, not official.

I cross-posted this from my tumblr and FF. I honestly feel that there is no love in this community for the German states, poor babies. But I shall try hard to convert you guys into the messy realm of German family. Inspiration and art from quindecim15 of tumblr / dA / pixiv.

Explanation on the fun facts can be found at the end of the chapter!

bavaria saxony
(Bavaria, Saxony)
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