February 5th, 2014

blushy roma

Sharing a link to an awesome Japanese wiki I found

So I actually stumbled across this a while ago, but I was looking it over today for the first time in quite a while, and I remembered just how awesome it is and had to share it. It's a compilation of Hima's old notes and drawings, mostly centered around Italy and Romano, but other characters get mentioned as well. A lot of the pics and info I can't recall having seen other places, so I thought I might share it for general fans as well as for our archivers. Unfortunately for those who can't read Japanese, it won't be quite as interesting if you don't know the language, but there are still quite a few awesome pics on there to appreciate. The links need to be copied and pasted into the address bar with "ht" in front of them (presumably to avoid hotlinking, which could break the images so that no one would be able to see them).


I think this is probably my favorite pic XD: