March 13th, 2014

APH: Coaster
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[Update] Hetalia Merchandise - New Items + Backlog of items!!

I'm so sorry I haven't really kept in touch; I have just been suuuuppper busy since my trip + after it;;;

IMPORTANT NOTE - DIRECT SALES/GROUP ORDER PARTICIPANTS: If you haven't received a message from me in regards to your order yet (all orders are ready, from past orders, direct sales, pre-orders etc), please let me know ASAP! Lots of people have run into technical problems and lots of messages haven't gone through on either end D: Please comment on this post and let me know so we can sort it out!

On a further note, I'm revamping my sales community (more info here)
(I've also bought 20 tickets for the Hetalia Travel Goods lottery ahaha;; let me know if you're interested in anything and we can go from there!)

Also, useful Merchandise reference things:
- Hetalia Merchandise Calendar (2014 only so far)
- Hetalia Merchandise List (from November 2012 to current)

Now, onto the Merchandise News....

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I'm super busy these days so I'll do what I can, but please consider keep tracking of HetaliaMerchandise on Tumblr for faster updates instead!
I hope you've all been well ;;w;;