March 26th, 2014

Might as well smile

Dreamwidth Hetalia Dressingroom


If anyone is interested in Dreamwidth roleplay, [community profile] hetaliadr is a new dressingroom located there; it's a very casual place to play as formally or as informally as you'd like, or trying out new characters and plots.

The community was just made only a couple days ago so there isn't much activity yet, but. There's no applications or required profiles, just join with an in-character journal and hop in! We're open to canon characters, spinoffs (Nyotalia, Nekotalia, 2ptalia, etc.), alternate universes, original characters, and doubles are allowed so it doesn't matter if you see someone already playing the same character you do.

My personal journal on dreamwidth is [personal profile] missamericanpie and the other mod's is [personal profile] paintyourwings; if there's any questions or if you need any help with anything, feel free to contact either of us! [personal profile] paintyourwings has also offered to help make icons for anyone who needs them.