April 15th, 2014

Mochi GerIta

Hetalia: The Beautiful World DVD Available for Pre-order!

That's right! The official English release for Hetalia: The Beautiful World is now on Righstuf for pre-order!

Funimation announces through Rightstuf that it will be available on July 22nd.

Here is the link to the Limited Edition version and the Regular Version. No information has been given yet if the Limited Edition version will contain other special content(like with the Hetalia bandanas given in LE in certain amounts), but I'm glad we now have an official release date and a chance to get our hands on the new season overseas!

EDIT: Thanksrnan We now know that with the edition of buying the LE version we will get a Season 5 bandana and stickers. Hetalia stickers will be available on the Regular edition too!