April 28th, 2014


Doujin Lot for sale!

I need to get some money together quick, so I've cut most of my doujin's prices by half and thrown them into a lot.

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As usual, the rest of my Sales Page is always open, too. If you're not interested in doujinshi, or you'd rather buy some of them separately, check out that page as well! I've still got quite a bit of rare stock, like the juice cans, England's cup and saucer set, and some settei sheets.

[Fanfic] Accordion Soul - Prologue (China x Russia)

Title: Accordion Soul
Author: whitewings9
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China, Russia; China/Russia
Rating: T
Warnings: Sex Pistols!AU, so sorta omegaverse but not.
Summary: Ivan is a musician of a modest breed, who spent his life eking out a meagre living travelling from west to east and back entertaining his fellow travellers. One night, he meets a man who changes the course of his life. Sex Pistols!AU.

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