May 7th, 2014


The annual Hetavision partying!

A bit late or early to post now, but I forgot to note you guys yesterday:

The yearly Eurovision-watching-party for Hetalia fans has started! Semifinal 1 was yesterday so that party is already over, but for semifinal 2 and the grand final, separate party posts will be held at eurotalia as usual!

If you haven't been before, we just live-comment as the show is running and chitchat and have a good time in general -- you can read the comments in last night's post to see how it goes. If you haven't thought about the Hetalia+Eurovision crossover before, here's a Tumblr blog "fuckyeahhetaliaeurovision" and a Hetavision DA group with fanart from previous years!

Next party posts open before the show at 8th and 10th of May, at 21:00 CET - more info about the show at the ESC official site. If it doesn't air on TV in your country, you can watch it streamed online! \(6w6)/