May 19th, 2014

South Korea: Glasses = Ovaries Explosion

Question About Possible Error in Official Vol. 6 Translation

So, I just received my copy of the official American English version of volume 6 in the mail today (thanks, USPS, it was a day earlier than expected!). I took a quick peek at it, and noticed something odd in the translation for "A Treasure Chest Full of Countries" (as "It's a Treasure Box of Countries" was translated). Isn't Kugelmugel officially male, as per Himaruya? I remember an aside from him confirming that Wy's the only female micronation, and I double checked the wiki as well (only Lichtenstein thinks that he's female). If so, someone forgot to tell Tokyopop/RightStuf that, since Austria called him a girl, and the other micronations use "her" as well. Should feedback be sent to RightStuf (via the book's product page) or Tokyopop?