May 20th, 2014

IggyPan Mochi

Hetalia History Help

Hello! So during my school year, I took an AP class on European History. Since we took our exams already, we are just watching movies in the class and "evaluating the historical accuracy of the film." My teacher told us that if we have a movie (or show coughcough) we would like to show, then we can give it to him and he can show it.

So, the first thing that popped in my head is Hetalia, of course. Currently, I'm looking for the episodes that has the most information concerning the historical aspects that relates to my class. So far, I got the one with the War of Austrian Succession, and that's about it OTL. Is it alright if people can recommend me episodes that I could use to show my teacher? I wanna help spread Hetalia in my grade level. Also, can you guys recommend me a place where I can download the episodes subbed? I got all of them, but the quality for the World Series is terrible, so I wanna redownload it somewhere. Thanks!