May 30th, 2014

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Hetalia OC Database 1: Munich.

Hulloz! It is I, the amazing Catheryn, here again today with another shitty entry, this time on my main OC, Munich!
I think that just for future reference (and my amazing Twitter RP account) that I'll put down her quirks, stereotypes, looks, and all that good shiz.
AND I WANT TO SAY BEFORE I GET ANY COMMENTS ON HOW "Oh this OC is crap why do you even bother yadayadayada" I LITERALLY HAVE TO ENDURE SEVERE BULLYING AT SCHOOL FOR HOW MUCH I KNOW ABOUT THIS DANG CITY. So, I'd appreciate comments that would help me build her character, not bring it down. :)
First off!!
Since the city of Munich is famous for its' many beer halls (such as Putsch and Hofbräuhaus) I think it would be appropriate to say she was a MAJOR alcoholic.
From some of the reviews I've read about the city's cleanliness, it was fairly clean. Except for the cigarette butts scattered around. So, it's safe to say that she may be a biiiit of a smoker.
Haha! I guess she's just not in love with her liver or lungs, huh?
Okay, so I'm gonna bring some history in this. [Be Prepared plays in the distance].
During post-WWI to about a year before Hitler's rise to power, he and some buddies met up in Munich. While they were eating their Bavarian luncheon, the bastards created the basics of Nazism. So, where I'm going with this is that Munich pretty much blames herself for WWII and the Final Solution and everything. So, in the end, even though the city is cheerful and very livable, there's an at of mourning and regret all around.
It's a well known fact that Bavarians hate Brandenburg and vice versa. So, Münchners and Berliners hate each other also. Pretty self explaintory. Munich will take any opportunity to degrade and beat up Berlin. She hates his guts. The only good thing that comes out of her mouth about him is a begrudging, "He makes good wurst, though..."
So, I'm pretty much just gonna do one section at a time, so I hope you enjoy this first section of Die wunderbare Stadt München!
I forgot one little thing.
Since München was originally a monk's monastery or town (hence the meaning: Monk Town) the Munich we know was not the original Munich. She actually had a twin brother, kinda like a nyo, but the brother died before he was granted full immortality. It is said that the family who gave birth was just passing through and they gave the girl to the monks,since they had no guise for her. This also explains her close religious ties to the church and limited amount of trash talk. :)