June 15th, 2014



Ladies and gentlemen! This is the world of Hollywood, where dreams come alive through film, cinema, and fame. Here, you can act out any alternate universe in a form of a movie--that's right, [i]any alternate universe[/i]. On the big screen, the audience will gasp tearfully at your death or applaud your heroics. Maybe you died brutally on the screen, but worry not, you’ll have time to eat pizza with your co-workers after the shoot! Or perhaps they won't recognize you at all thanks to the top notch special effects and make-up! Are you a paramour? Smooch as many people as you like, but all is forgiven thanks to the leniency of movie physics!  
Live through all of that... and still find your home and your place as a normal, celebrity-to-be with the potential to reach the stars. However, your life will be difficult, despite all of the fancy galas and parties. With tons of drama, rumored trysts, deceitful whisperers, and numbers of divorces enough to put a ring on each finger. How will you survive such a harsh terrain, this difficult juggle with love, fame, and money? That is up for you to decide.
This is a Hetalia x Hollywood roleplay where you get the chance to rp their lives as rising stars in California, USA. While playing out all of the moments of life, friends, and love, you get the lovely opportunity to become a part of or direct a film/play, a thread that allows you to roleplay any possible alternate universe you wish. Kill your characters, play different facets, and ship your characters with as many people as you like in movies without feeling the guilt! So come on in, and become a part of this creative community!
We accept OC's, country capitals, and nyo!s. We're brand new, so there are a lot of characters open. Drop by the chatbox and say hi!