June 30th, 2014

Spring's whirlwind

[Drabble] A Big, Ripped Cardboard Box

Title: A Big, Ripped Cardboard Box
Author: sarumomon
Characters/Pairings: Denmark/Norway, Denmark/Mathias, Norway/Lukas;
Rating: K/K+
Warnings: potential grammar/syntax errors, fluff, canon version, lots of lego bricks;
Summury: During a boring day, Denmark finds a box filled with lego bricks, thus forcing Norway to play along with him.

Notes: The prompt was given from tumblr user aph-feliciano-vargas "Imagine Aph Norway ruffling Denmark’s hair and a bunch of Legos fall out". I've decided in a spur of the moment to write this DenNor, my very first nonetheless. Hope you like it.

(Let's build a legos' castle!)