October 2nd, 2014


So many updates! ÖAÖ

Looks like hima wants to spoil us. There have been three blog updates today, two of which have already been translated.
*Eta: The translation for the third part is now up.

Original blog post 1 and translation
2 and translation
3 and translation

Note: I would prefer to actually post pictures of the translations here since their size would fit the site. However, since the people involved are also members of the fandom on Livejournal and have not posted it here, but only on tumblr, I assume there is some kind of reason for that. So I will only provide links.
For any translators reading this: Would it be okay for me/others to post future translations here directly, as long as we source? Should we refrain from posting them here? Should we ask for each individual case? I am honestly unsure what to do here.