December 2nd, 2014

[Updates!] Current Blog updates and World Stars Chapters 17-21

Just wanted to consolidate updates that have been missed! I guess this is a digest of sorts.

Hetalia World Stars Chapter 17! (Roman Emperor Claudius 41-54 AD!)
[Hetascanlations] [Hetarchive]

Hetalia World Stars Chapter 18! (Antony! Cleopatra also appears!)
[Hetascanlation] [Hetarchive]

Hetalia World Stars Chapter 19! (Italy and Germany go to clean Romano's room)
[Hetascanlations] [Hetarchive]

Hetalia World Stars Chapter 20! (Continuation of last strip featuring Italy, Germany and Romano.)
[Hetascanlations] [Hetarchive]

Hetalia World Stars Chapter 21! (Julio-Claudian Dynasty. Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, & Nero! Rome also appears!)
[Hetascanlations] [Hetarchive]

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Discussion: This comm. What do we want from it? What is possible?

Okay, so it's apparent that frequent updates will be a definite problem here (note: This is a neutrally stated observation, not a complaint. I'm totally including my own nonposting lack of activity in this). However, since jammerlea was so kind to made a sticky post with links to the most important sites to check for updates, plus the fact that the activity in recent update threads was mostly low, I'm not sure if the lack of updates posted directly to the comm is still a problem, or not so much.

In addition to this question, because it got me thinking: What exactly do people expect from or desire for this comm? What would be interesting to most of the members or visitors here? Obviously, one thing this comm is very nice for is fan discussions. We could have more of those. Personally, I like them very much, so if anyone has a good theory or topic for a discussion, please never be afraid of posting it. (I'm not a mod, but I think they would be fine with this. If not, please correct me.)

What else would be interesting for the majority of us? Future events? Should the main comm hold event threads again where chitchat between updates is allowed? There were problems with this in the past, but now that fewer people are around, I think the thread pace could be more managable.
Other ideas? What kind of things do you other members think would be nice to have (and good to create some interaction within the threads)? What do you mods think would be possible, or what do you think might look nice on paper, but actually be a rather bad idea?
chibi china

APH Rarepair Exchange

Hello all,

This is just a reminder to anyone here on LJ who may have been directed to the APH Rarepair Exchange by my earlier post here to please check your email or tumblr messages (depending on which you used to sign up). I've been trying to send out wishlists and get information from a couple people and I haven't been able to get in contact with them, so if you signed up, but haven't gotten someone else's list yet, please check your messages. Thank you.

- APH Rarepair Exchange Admin