January 3rd, 2015


Frying Pan Fest - A Winter Exchange for Austria, Prussia and Hungary Fans

This is a reproduction of an advertisement originally posted on the fest's Tumblr, but the event is being run via Google Forms sign-ups, with contact through email. You can contact me (Mod B) on Livejournal through a private message if you have questions!

If you love APH Austria, Prussia, and Hungary as much as we do, you are cordially invited to take part in the Frying Pan Fest!

A (late) winter exchange aimed at fans of our favourite dysfunctional comic trio, and all the delectable ways they can be combined. We want to exchange as many Fryingpangle fanworks as we possibly can- and because we’re easy-going types, that means Austria/Hungary, Prussia/Hungary and Prussia/Austria fanworks as well as the whole OT3!

We love Nyotalia as well as the canon characters, and we encourage ANYTHING involving these three! So read up, sign up and saddle up for a (totally late) festive frying extravapanza!

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