March 4th, 2015

(● ゚ー ゚)ノ♥ヽ( ゚д ゚●)

taiwan and japan merch/doujin for sale still!

Mostly of the characters individually, but most the doujin I have is of them as a ship.

A lot of the Japan stuff is official, whereas the Taiwan stuff is mostly fanmade by Taiwanese fans.
I have straps, charms, a lot of the trading cards (including a couple special editions). artbooks, stationary, and more.

Merch sales are here:
Doujinshi sales are here:

Thank you for looking!

Doing a sales post!

So I'm actually trying to get rid of some things for space and well, life, and this community helped build my collection originally so I trust you guys. If you think you can give any a new home, give me a message! Just give it a thought or something! :P

PS! There are some R18s so you are warned to think on them only if you are of legal age!
(I was trying to send a PM to a mod for permissions and stuff, but gah, too trigger happy right now!)