April 27th, 2015

「Hetalia」- Gerita- Baccano!
  • kolmoi

Selling- Old DEEN Stick Posters!

They're straight outta the boxes, I have the 2009 DEEN stick posters for sale (or, the ones I didn't keep for myself, at least...), huzzah!!
Now, because they're in the boxes, I'm not planning to unbox them yet. However, I do have the box art:

I have at least 1 of each.
They are all $10 each, with discounts the more you buy. $18 for two, $25 for 3, and 4 for $30......
America x2 (1 shiny 1 regular)
England x2 (1 shiny 1 regular)
France x 1 (regular)
Italy x2 (1 shiny 1 regular)
Germany x2 (1 shiny 1 regular)
Japan x1 (regular)
Russia x1 (regular)
China x1(regular)

Shipping is from Massachusetts in the USA.