May 12th, 2015


(SELLING) One Coins, Shirt, Strap, Necklace

Hello everyone, this is a crosspost from hetalia_sell, sorry for the spam, I am moving and need to find homes for these! Shipping will be from Japan. PayPal please!

On to One Coins:

Finland:2 Asking 9 USD (one on hold, one available)
France: 1 Asking 9 USD
Japan: 1 Asking 10 USD
Italy: 1 Asking 10 USD
China: 1 Asking 4 USD some fading on his head I didn't notice.
Russia: 10 USD

Everything is in excellent condition, some of them will come new in package and with boxes.

I am really keen to get the shirt (size S never worn, never taken out of its bag) out of my house and into a home where it is loved/worn/not in a corner of my house. Seriously, shirt is legit goods from Animate, I am asking 10 USD. I would also like necklace (8 USD) to find new homes as well. Want to haggle? Give me an offer ;) Never hurts to ask, right?
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