April 12th, 2017


Community Notice

Hello, everyone! Mod here, with news concerning the future of the community.

For those who haven't gotten the news yet, LJ recently updated its TOS to adhere to Russian laws with the moving of their servers this past year. While this may not affect us being that the community isn't terribly active, it has the potential to affect us, especially concerning the type of content we share.

Due to this change, I am following up on the plan to merge the community with the Hetalia community of Dreamwidth. I was able to receive access to start importing, but currently due to the fact that there is currently a mass exodus from LJ to DW, it'll probably take a long while to complete.

I have no plans to close the community here on LJ, but I wanted to announce this in the case that anything happens, or in case anyone else wants to transfer their content. I will note that unfortunately communities on DreamWidth cannot do crossposting, so any posts made on this community after the import will not be backed up. (I believe you can crosspost between personal blogs though.)

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!