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Hetalia Character & Pairing Ranking Game / "Chara Sort"

If you regularly visit Japanese (Hetalia) fansites you are guaranteed to come across the term "chara sort"(jap.「キャラソート」) at some point. "Chara sort" is a type of character ranking game that will give you a ranked list of your favourite characters at the end. What the game basically does is present you with two characters and you have to decide which one you like better or whether you like both equally well / can't decide etc.. The game has an input of so-and-so many characters and by the time you're through with all of them it will give you a complete personalized ranking of all the characters. (This also exists for pairings usually being called "CP sort" or 「カプソート」.) In any case, the results are hilarious. They might just confirm what you already knew or they might reveal your hidden kinks. In my case it's a mix of both. It's so much fun XD!

To cut a long story short, I made two of these in English (one for characters and one for pairings). Go try them out. I promise you won't regret it XD!

Just click the pictures to play, the rules are explained on the site.

ranking game: pairings

character ranking game
I'm sorry if your pairing isn't featured. (The number of options is limited, so I had cut more that a third of the pairings.)If I have enough requests/ complaints I'll make another one.

In case you're curious, the results come out like this:

I cut off the most part of the list because it's really long! Every time I do a one of these ranking games the first 5 results will be dead-on, no matter what series. Spooky! And also quite revealing. As for the rest, all I can say is...o_O. I assume no. 6-10 will be the pairings I fall for in the near future....?
If so, then OMG *_*!

Feel free to do memes based on the ranking games. It's quite popular in Japan actually, i.e. "draw the characters ranked 1 to 5 together" and so on.

(I used free hosting so there might be ads on the site but I have an ad-blocker so I'm not seeing any...)

Don't forget to vote for your favourite Hetalia characters & pairings here!

Polls are open until 4th June.
Results will be announced at the LJ Hetalia community.

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