splintertalon (splintertalon) wrote in hetalia,

I've been lurking/commenting for a couple of days now so it's time I came out and contributed with a little sketch. :P

Author/Artist: splintertalon
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK, USA, Germany, Russia
Rating: E for everyone
Warnings: None for content, but I accept no responsibility for eyebleed better artists may develop from my tendancy to cover up anatomical fails and wonky facial features with overdramatic shading. ;D
Summary: Just a bunch of B/W character sketches on a page together. I randomly picked the characters/designs that imprinted on me earliest when I first happened across the main site via 4chan and did a bit of doodling, which I think turned out nice enough for posting. Traditional media, so not the cleanest, prettiest quality ever.

I'm itching to point out all the little flaws I see now, but I hope you guys like anyway. I hope I retained a bit of the original cute feel in my style. Critique is always love. :D

(Oh, and since it seems to be a point of a little controversy in this fandom and everyone has different preferances/thoughts on the matter, I'll mention now that I really don't mind if anyone wants to repost/link to my stuff elsewhere or whatever. I'm making no money off it so I'm happy for my stuff to be free for all. At the risk of sounding like I'm 'bigging myself up', as the young people call it. ;P)

(Oh good lord HTML I'm not good with computers. I hope no-one saw me just mess that up about three times. D:)
Tags: -america, -germany, -russia, fan: art, x do not use this tag - uk

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