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[profiles] Character Profiles: Eastern Europe

Uh, this one was a bit hard to decide on.  Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Former Soviet Union, Eurasia?  Either way, many countries, including my personal fave (and least fave.  LOL)


Nation's name: Rossiyskaya Federatsiya (The Russian Federation.  Though in the manga, he is also "The Soviet Union," even though he is always referred to as "Russia")
Capital: Moscow
Language: Russian (though, due to its size, Russia has several languages)
Birthday: December 30th
National flower: Sunflower

Human name: Ivan Braginsky (I'm sounding his last name out.  It's イヴァン・ブラギンスキ)
Height: 182 (tallest of the nations)
Age: Unknown

A gigantic northern nation that has been tormented ever since childhood.

Either way, whatever he does, there is vodka involved.  His fuel is vodka.  Whenever he wants to invade the south to obtain it, England is always there to get in his way, so truthfully, he wants to punch England.

Because he is attacked by General Winter pretty much every year, he hates the snow.  Yet, whenever there is a war, General Winter becomes his best ally.


At the first impression, he seems to be a pure-hearted country bumpkin, and yet, conversely speaking, he holds a child-like cruelty.  Compared to other nations, Russia's history has seen more bloodbaths and tragedies.

(Note: Someone asked the artist "Russia looks puffy/plump in those clothes.  Is he fat?"  Russia's answer was 'I'm big-boned.")

Nation's name: Lietuvos Respublilka (Republic of Lithuania. Poland calls him "リト," which is "Liet.")
Capital: Vilnius
Language: Lithuanian
Birthday (Independence from Soviet Union): February 16th
National flower: Rue (personal note: its flower language is "regret")

Human name: Toris Laurinaitis
Height: Unknown
Age: 19 (appearance. The nation will celebrate the millennium in 2009)

Exists as the eldest brother of the three Baltic states,

もともとチュートン騎士団の一員 だったがキリスト教に反発しリアニア大公国として独立、
used to be a member of the Teutonic Knights, but established independence as the Kingdom of Lithuania after a rebellion against Christianity

but was often pursued by German knights hoping to convert them into Christianity. (Note: Lithuania was the last pagan nation of Europe)

その後ポーランドとの連合王国化で 平和的にキリスト教化。
After that, became a commonwealth with Poland and peacefully converted to Christianity.

But was taken over by Russia after a fight over the annexation/partition of Poland.

A good-natured person who likes to take care of people, and even though he has the Baltic attribute of being introverted, is the type who will take one into his heart when he gets used to that person.

ただこういった気を使う性格のせ いか自殺率世界一という実に不名誉な称号を持っている。
But, perhaps it is because of this sort of personality that he holds the infamous record of having the highest suicide rate of the world.

あと格闘技とか文学とか大好き。それと車は絶対中古車。味にはうるさくケチャップやマヨネーズは色 んなフレーバーが売ってて日によって使い分けてたりする
Loves martial arts and literature. Also, his car is definitely a second-hand car. Is particular about taste, and is known to use many flavours of ketchup and mayonnaise in a day.

Nation's name: Eesti Vabariik (Republic of Estonia)
Capital: Tallinn
Language: Estonian
Birthday (Independence from Soviet Union): February 24th
National bird: Swallow

Human name:
Edward Vonbock
Height: unknown
Age: 17 (appearance)

As the "ace student" of the Baltic States, he is the considerably lucky one of the three.

Has risen from the flames of war and is now attracting a lot of tourists from around the world with his beautiful streets.

Is mild and well-mannered, carries himself well, and therefore has established good relations with other nations.  He is also skilled in the economic/financial front.

But because he is extremely "my pace" (works at his own pace, doesn't pay attention to his surroundings), he doesn't attract much attention even though he is an ace student.


Nation's name: Latvijas Republilka (Republic of Latvia)
Capital: Riga
Language: Latvian
Birthday: November 18th
National flower: Margarete

Human name:
Raivis Galante
Height: Unknown, but shortest of the Baltic States
Age: 15 (appearance)

The youngest brother of the Baltic States.  Worked hard with his dying will despite being taken over by the German Crusaders, having lived with Poland-Lithuania, getting split in half, and getting acquired by Russia.

Has a tolerant personality, but is shy, quiet, and a bit of a shut-in.


Loves poetry and romance novels.   Often says and does things that are prohibited and gets pushed around by Russia.

Nation's name: Rzeczpospolita Polska (Republic of Poland)

Capital: Warsaw

Language: Polish

Birthday (Independence Day): July 22nd

National flower: Pansy

Human name: フェリクス・ウカシェヴィチ (Felix something...) Feliks Łukasiewicz (thanks to



Height: Unknown

Age: 19 (appearance)  


Was a super nation that controlled Middle and Eastern Europe with his partner Lithuania during the Middle Ages.



Due to the decadence and corruption of the royalty, he lost his status as a super nation and was often split apart (partitioned), and yet keeps reviving himself as though he were a phoenix. Is also famous for a very cool national anthem.  


Is surprisingly shy, and is troublesome to get to know him.


But once you're used to him, and he's used to you, it's even more troublesome.


Is often used by other countries, mostly because he doesn't think before he acts.

しか しリトアニアとはかなり良好な仲で両国間で行き来する時はほとんど審査が無いとか。

But because of his good relationship with Lithuania, when the two countries meet there's practically no need for examination or questions.


Also, his Nagoya high schooler-like speech is just a personal preference of the artist.

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