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[Scanlation] APH Chapter 2 + Omake

First, I'd like to thank youkofujima for creating this community, and I'd also like to thank equivalent_t for translating the pages! Keep up the good work! :DD I am proud to be working with you~ ♥

Now onto the comic~ This is starting at Chapter Two, Allied Forces.
Chapter 1 can be found here:
Translator: equivalent_t
Editor: ryuichi
Pages: 13 + 4 Omake
Disclaimer: :O We obviously don't own Axis Powers Hetalia, but we do make it available to the fans!


EDIT: Sorry everyone! I don't know what is wrong with my host. It worked for me and someone else, but it didn't work for a lot of you. I can't seem to figure out why. So for now, I have it uploaded to photobucket! Enjoy!

;_; but now photobucket resized some of them. Curses ;A;


To Note: I'm also creating a webpage on my domain to be sort of a "central hub" for the Hetalia Scanlations. I plan on putting up zips to download the chapters. I'll probably update it as well with major news that youkofujima and others find out. Perhaps soon I will hold a Layout contest if anyone is interested?

Anyways~ Enjoy~
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