holy_shpootnik (holy_shpootnik) wrote in hetalia,

Page 2

Author/Artist: holy_shpootnik
Character(s) or Pairing(s): atm, just Hong Kong, but UK will hopefully come in later
Rating: G
Warnings: Streaky marker and not-so-straight lines
Summary: The second page of a 3-or-maybe-4 page dialouge less comic/doujinshi based on youkofujima's idea of Hong Kong and UK's relationship with the bird cages and stuff.

I really have to apologize for two things. One, I think the art is terrible on this page, but I attempted to fix up the uneven lines in Photoshop. I drew it on a bus trying to kill time, and the original lines are just wobbly and gross. The second thing that I wanted to apologize for was that I've been gone for the past 24 days on an ambassador trip to Europe, so it's been a huge gap since I put up the first page.

Also, if people would rather I just upload all the pages when I'm finished with them, instead of individually, I could do that if people preferred.

First page found here:
Tags: -hong kong, fan: art, x do not use this tag - doujin

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