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Two Fics

So recently I got a friend of mine into Hetalia, and while we were spamming away in her journal, we somehow got onto the topic of England's eyebrows, which led to these two fics, the first one written by her, and the second by me in response.

Title: A New Way to Do Things
Author/Artist: jeva_chan
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US and UK, slight US/UK
Rating: PG
Warnings: slight shounen-ai, some bondage, and waxing
Summary: Alfred tries give Arthur a make-over


Alfred gave an aggrieved sigh as he backed away yet again. "C'mon. It'll be quick and easy if you'd just hold still long enough for me to--" he started to explain but was interrupted by Arthur's death glare.

"You might be into this whole image thing," the older man said carefully before pointing a finger at his one-time protege, "but I absolutely refuse to be involved with any sort of ploy that you're coming up with!"

Adopting a look of hurt, Alfred put the set of tweezers aside. "Okay, okay, we won't mess with them," he said in a surrendering manner.

Arthur sat back up in his seat, clearing his throat for a moment before reassuming his proper posture. "Good."


An eyebrow twitched. Why was it that whenever Alfred used that tone, he couldn't help but to remember the little boy who used to call on him for everything, who used to love him and cherish him and think he was the grandest thing? Sighing, he crossed his arms and closed his eyes, muttering, "What is it?"

Without any preamble, there was grown man in his lap, leaning into him.

"W-what--bloody hell, man! What if someone should see--?!" Arthur spluttered but was quickly silenced by nimble hands and a quick mouth. Oh, that acursed mouth of Alfred's.

So distracted and bewildered by it all, Arthur didn't realize until too late that both Alfred's and his own tie were missing and currently--

"Bzuh?!" he managed to get out, pulling away from the distracting kiss to see his hands bound to the chair he was sitting in.

Alfred sat back with a grin resembling the one the cat who ate the canary would wear. "There! Now we won't have any trouble! And since you're so adversed to the old-fashioned way of doing things--!"

Arthur paled when the younger man produced something even more horrifying. "N-no... stop! Stop it this instant, America!"

Humming a little song that was often sung during the Revolution (damn him, Arthur thought to himself), the other man went to work on what he claimed to be an unsightly image on his predecessor's visage.

Title: A Deal Gone Wrong
Author/Artist: inquisitorial
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK and France, mentions of US, slight France/UK if you squint your eyes and tilt your head to the right
Rating: PG
Warnings: anger issues
Summary: Arthur tries to hide his makeover

Alfred stuck around for a week after giving Arthur his makeover.

"Oh cheer up Iggy! You look a lot better like this!" Alfred exclaimed before leaving for home.

"Like hell I do!" Arthur shouted back, but it was too late, Alfred was already out the door. Arthur sulked, but he had to suck it up. He had a meeting with Francis later over some financial business, and like hell was he going to let Francis do whatever he wants with this tunnel that was going to be built.

An hour later, Arthur showed up, oddly dressed with a cap jammed roughly on his head, effectively hiding his "improved" looks.

"Arthur! Why with the hat?"

"Al took it upon himself to give me a bloody makeover!"

"Awwww, it can be all that bad?!" Francis said as he reached for the hat.

"Wait! No! Don't touch it!" Arthur exclaimed, knocking Francis' hand out of the way, accidentally hitting his hat in the process, causing his hat to fly off his head. Arthur froze.

"You know Arthur, you look pretty good like that."

Arthur blushed before lunging at Francis, hands closing around his throat. Like hell was going to let Alfred be right about this, business deal be damned!

OH! I should mention that if someone is willing to translate, I'll make some scanlations.
Tags: -america, -france, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - uk

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