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[Scanlation] Now, a Return to the Main Topic: Sea Turtles and Southern Italy

Okay, so I saw that fanart by fourteen_kites with the Spain, Romano, and the turtles and decided I wanted to know what was going on in that comic >.< I got my friend ureshii_na to help me with well, everything this is our first effort to scanlate/translate anything so I hope it went well.

The original can be found here.
The Sea turtles are also worried

Baby Turtles

It seems that an unexpected happening occurred in which a number of baby sea turtles went astray at a coastal restaurant in Calabria, Italy.
Calabria put great efforts in ensuring the protection of these precious sea turtles, and this news was known locally.


The boot of Italy is a naturally abundant country.
Olive cultivation is prosperous.
Spanish influence is strong in this area and the region’s dialect is a hybrid of Spanish and Italian.

After you descend the cliff buildings you will find a wonderful and beautiful city and province with numerous sightseeing locations.

They hold their rucksacks like this!

SSC Napoli

This is a soccer team from the city of Naples, Italy.
In the past it was famous for winning a lot.
By the way, it unexpectedly ranked 12 in Series A.

Translator Notes:
  • We had a really hard time reading what Himaruya wrote in the baby turtles comic so I sort of guessed what was going on there... Please don't hesitate to correct me.
  • The Calabria part was also hard to translate so if there are corrections, once again, please do not hesitate to correct us.
  • I could not get the lj cut to finish past the translator notes so please don't hold that against me x.X
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