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[translations] more character notes

I'm so fast~

More translation!

Source: Here.

Some notes first:
Austria and Hungary were a bit difficult to translate. I hope I got them correct.
Switzerland was really hard and in the end I couldn't translate everything but I decided to post what I got anyway...

Sorry for the fail. ;;;



・As a child his personality was morose but growing up it feels like he has calmed down. That childhood personality was because after being driven out by Switzerland he wouldn't trust in people much.
・He doesn't have such a bad eyesight but he wears them because without them he looks plain.
・The glasses stand for "Austria's musical something".
・Because he became a big country thanks to risky arranged marriages, his actual strenght is not that great.
・The one hair standing up is Mariazell.It's a part of his body he doesn't really like being pulled.
・I made him lack sense of direction because of this joke:
In an Austrian pharmacy, the salesperson told the customer to wait for a little while. After all he came back only after an hour. The customer asked why and he replied: "I got lost in the storehouse."
・For sometime he spent his life in a wheelchair. (T/N: O_O E-eh? *i-isn't sure if she translated that right*)
・He wanted to unite with Germany, but it was opposed by France, who even made a law forbidding the unification of Germany and Austria. But afterwards they ignored it and got united anyway. (Thanks for mifei for correction! orz)

[Meaningless things]
Because he was standing next to Italia, he became big already as in childhood.
I was thinking of continuing to draw him in the style of the Chibitalia period but when I was absorbed into reading Austrian history, at some point he became a slightly hetare-like character.


・Normally she is gentle and calm in character but in fight she right then changes to neesan-like expressions and rides through the wilderness on her horse with a bow or a gun in one hand, as a former equestrian tribe.
・She has, however, a complex about her fighting skills getting rusty after settling down.
・She hates Prussia because he has been making fun of her hardships since childhood.
・She also loathes Romania, Turkey and Mongol.
・She does have defiant feelings about being under Austria's rule but at the same time she harbours complicated, yearninglike feelings towards him.
At the time of the 21th century Hungary is a little bit older than Austria (Thanks for midoriyuki for correction. *is being a bit slow today xD;*)

[Meaningless things]
She is a rare female character in Hetalia. Initially she was supposed to be a more snide character because she was created with the idea of a "witch" or "shoots you with arrows if mistaken for a man" kind of woman.


・An eternally neutral country with a reclusive, hedgehog-like personality. He is persevering and slightly stubborn.
・He speaks like old-fashioned essays.
・He has faith in money but not much in people.
・He loves cheese and sausages.
・He speaks in a strange language that is a mix of French and German.

・I wonder if the roughness of his buildings that can't be found at all in either German or Italian architecture is a reflection of his national traits.

・As a child he used to live with Austria but when Austria's new boss' opinion's conflicted with his, he drove Austria away and gained independence.
・Which would have been good but living alone in small land unsuited for his ?????? agriculture lead to hundreds of years of walking on the path of hardships.
・Since he worked as a mercenary here and there since childhood his physique is tough even though he is short.
Eventhough Swiss declared neutrality during the WW2, they adapted Germany political measures. (Again, thanks for midoriyuki o/)

[Meaningless things]
Even though he has this kind of appearance, there was a setting with him as a girl.
There was a cliched joke about Germany walking on the streets and seeing Switzerland in civil clothes and finding out she is a girl.


・A maritime parting gift from England. It was left alone and at some point it became a nation.
・Has England's eyebrows and wears a sailor suit. (again, thanks to mifei)
・He has a cheeky personality and a habit of saying "~desuyo" and he's a troublesome guy who keeps pestering people about acknowledging him as a country.
・He sees England as an enemy but relies on him when in trouble.
・歳は12歳くらい。 一人称:シー君、シーランド君、僕。  イギリス:イギリスの野郎。
・His age is about 12 years. He calls himself: Sea-kun, Sealand-kun, boku. England: Bastard England

[Meaningless things]
Why did it go like this...


・Perhaps because he's quite young, he's a "going my way" type of young man overflowing with vitality. However, he has a complex about his country's lack of history. (and this one corrected by mifei as well)
・Because of England's influence has no taste, no matter what kind of colours it has he'll just settle with "cute".
But I think he has some more taste left than England. Lately he has been getting into sushi.

・He has such superhuman strength that he can go looking for England while dragging a car behind himself.
・Lately being worried about his fitness he hasn't been doing nothing but exercise and has gotten too much strength.
Being so afraid of his rising weight despite exercising, I wonder when he'll realize it's muscles...

・He likes scientific things but he also likes yet unknown things like UFO and UMA.
・He is friendly with the space aliens even though they make horses fly and leave mysterious patterns on the fields.
・He went to Japan to open it up for the world because he was demanding for whales.
・He's quite much quantity over quality.
・Thinks Lithuania is somewhere where you can get by American highways.

・At any rate, since he likes heros and happy endings, he's sure his future willsurely be like that too.
・In fact it's not that he can't read the situations but that he doesn't on purpose.

・Before he was a little brother like crybaby who would immediately rely on England or France but
Getting blown at by the harsh wind of the Wild West, at some point he grew abnormally quickly both mentally and physically.
He became somewhat unspoiled child.
・He took reference for making his own house from the houses Sweden and Finland used to live in.
・Has mingled a lot with German people's blood.

[Meaningless things]
The model of his outward appearance was a Canadian. He was really kind and friendly person and unreasonably kindly made contact with me who couldn't speak good English and got teary eyed quickly when we arrived at America.
The model for his interior was my teacher at school. The disinterest towards geography is from this teacher.

EDIT: Earlier character notes here:
Prussia, England
Italy, Japan, Spain
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