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Hetalia Chocolate Wrappers and Hetalia uchiwa/fans!

Er... er... Is this included/considered as fanarts? I seriously dunno. XDD;; I will just tag it as fanart since I drew them. Sorry, mods. If I didn't follow the rules correctly, please inform me... orz;;

Artist: Manda
Characters: Axis Power, Allies Forces!
Warnings: Er, might give you diabetes..? lol...
Summary: Hetalia Merchandises!

Hetalia Chocolate Wrappers and fans which I will be selling for a upcoming local event, Cosfest 2009! Finally finished the entire set, took me forever to complete them. XDDD To those stays in S'pore and attending the event, you can come down to my booths to check it out! :3   

Here we have the Chocolate set! x3

An idea pop out while brainstorming for merchandise idea for the event. Total there're 3 different chocolate flavours. Each character contain different flavour chocolates. Below is the list~

Italy - Sweet
Germany - Bitter & Sweet
Japan - Bitter
America - Sweet
UK - Bitter
Russia : Bitter & Sweet
France - Bitter
China - Sweet
(?) - Bitter & Sweet

Guess who is the secret character? Lol. It's very obvious. XDDD Below are photos I took of the real products! And the secret character is revealed in there, hahah. Not so secret anymore. XD;;

Next will be the Hetalia fans! I posted the Axis Power before half a year back. Manage to finish the Allies and are ready for sale~ I will be selling them here as well. :3 I will be setting online sales for this fans. Sadly chocolates are not available for sale since it's chocolate and it won't survive through mailing. orzzz

First we have the Allies fans. :D 

US/UK~ You can play around with this two anyway you like. *gets shot*

Perveted France and Drunkened UK!

Russia and China! X3 Kolkolkolkol~ 

Allies in group! 

Over here is the Axis Power to those haven't seen it yet. XD;

If any of you are interested to get these, do email to or place your comments here. I will see if there're any leftover after the events. :3 Thanks for viewing~<3
Tags: =group: allied forces, =group: axis powers, ad: sales, fan: art

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